The RRCA is a community of running clubs, event organizers, coaches, and runners. We like how community is defined by Webster, 

A feeling of fellowship with others, as a result of sharing common attitudes, interests, and goals.

We don’t categorize our members’ efforts as a function of “industry,” because we are focused on more than just volume and dollars. We value the importance of human interaction; being part of a community of people with shared interests that cross all segments of society; and being a part of something more important than just a bottom line on a financial statement.

The RRCA is an IRS 501 (c)3 nonprofit organization governed by a 10-person Board of Directors, elected by the members at the Annual Meeting of the Membership. See the RRCA Bylaws for details. The RRCA is divided into four regions. Each region consists of a number of states with a Regional Director who is an elected, volunteer member of the RRCA Board of Directors. Each state has a volunteer “State Rep” appointed by the Regional Director. The organization is managed through its National Office under the leadership of Jean Knaack, CEO.

Organization of running clubs and events is the responsibility of local people. The RRCA, in turn, provides services, benefits, and programs to support the locally-organized clubs and events. We do not dictate management or operations to our members, but we do provide guidelines and guidance on best practices and expect our members to comply with accountability expectations for membership.

More information coming soon.  Anyone interested in serving on the RRCA Board of Directors should should send an email to Jean Knaack to learn more about board service requirements.

2021-2025 RRCA Strategic Plan

Accomplishing our Mission, Vision and Values

Strategy I Strategy II Strategy III Strategy IV Strategy V Strategy VI
Be a leading force in the establishment and operation of safe and successful running clubs and events in every community in the US in service of empowering everyone to run. Be the most trusted source for programs, services, and information that fosters the continued growth of the running community in the U.S. Produce the most respected education and certification programs that support the development of club leaders, race directors, volunteers, and coaches that serve the running community in the U.S. and around the World. Promote the benefits of running for enjoyment, health, and well-being through the delivery of turnkey programs and services that educate and engage youth and adult runners that can be implemented nationwide. Facilitate and promote fair competition, to support the development of professional runners, and to create a fan-base that embraces the competitive sport of running. Ensure long-term stability of our organization by fostering a culture of giving to support our programs and services that serve the running community.
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